Shadow of the Beast™

Explore the beautiful, brutal, mysterious, alien landscape of Karamoon. Take the role of Aarbron, kidnapped as a baby and transformed into a living weapon, this is a tale of control and revenge as you hunt those responsible.

A deep and challenging combat system combined with a rich and complex world, Shadow of the Beast™ is a unique experience. With multiple endings, upgrades and easter eggs to find, there is a huge amount to uncover in this game!

Available on PlayStation Network.

About Shadow of the Beast™...

In 1989 the original Shadow of the Beast™ inspired a generation of gamers, and we talked with Sony about how we'd like to capture the visions we had playing the original in our youth. We aimed to write a love letter to the 1989 game whilst also completely reimagining the game as something interesting and fresh for modern gamers.

With Sony's support we managed to create a truly special experience that earns respect from fans of the original and brings the world of Karamoon to a whole new generation of gamers.

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