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We have created our own products, built a small but highly experienced team and scaled with trusted outsourcers. We have also in recent years done consultancy to help other teams achieve their potential.

Founded by industry veterans in 2011, we strive to create something interesting and intriguing for players with every product we're involved with.

We firmly believe that games are an entertainment medium that are still evolving rapidly and offer huge opportunities for creative and commercial innovation.

Our Timeline



The founders of the company, having worked for years on huge projects with huge teams (such as Harry Potter, Need For Speed, The Sims and Battlefield), decided to create a smaller studio experience that would focus on creatively interesting projects and thus Heavy Spectrum was born!


Bullion Blitz™ & Puzziball™

Our first creations involved working with Sony to create launch titles for their PlayStation Mobile platform.

Puzziball's design that came together really quickly, and the potential was visible early on. Bullion Blitz required us to iterate through several rapid prototypes to find the magic, the result of which was a hugely compelling game.

As we were also launch games much of the development was done on a fledgling SDK and required providing feedback to Sony on bugs and improvements whilst we worked to hit the launch date.

We were very happy with how these games turned out!


Shadow of the Beast™

A huge project for us, we built up the team with a few more highly skilled individuals. We also learned to work with outsource partners to create the huge ambition we had for the game whilst allowing us to maintaining the individuality that comes from keeping our team size small.

The result was a game that was truly individual in gameplay, quirks, variety and imagination whilst delivering to a quality level normally very difficult to achieve on an indie development scale.

We'll always be grateful to Sony for supporting such an eccentric game and giving players something truly unique to experience on their PlayStations!



Our first fully self funded, self developed and self published project. We learned an immense amount creating this beautiful game, and created something quite different and unique.

The game was deeply personal to everyone on the team, and integrated messages of hope for the future that we wanted to pass on to players.


Oure: Dawn of Hope

An interesting opportunity arose to write a prequel to Oure and gain experience with a Kickstarter project as we worked supporting other teams with our consultancy services.

The ZX Spectrum was an incredible machine that made computing affordable to many for the first time. Building a game in pure machine code was great fun, and the game gave us a creative way of expanding the lore of the Oure universe.


Oure Physical Editions

Shortly after Oure was released Red Art Games approached us about doing a physical edition of the game.

We worked closely with them and the incredible composer of the Oure Soundtrack, Ian Livingstone, so that we could create  a fantastic and unique limited run of Collector and Standard editions of the game.



After the positive Kickstarter experience during Oure: Dawn of Hope, the opportunity to work on another retro title was an easy decision.

We created a complex adventure game that was awarded a highly coveted Crash Smash award, but more importantly gave the retro community a great way of helping do some good with all moneys from Neadeital being donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association charity.

2021 and beyond...

To Be Revealed!!

We're having great fun assisting other teams whilst also building our own games. All will be revealed just as soon as we can...

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