Oure: Dawn of Hope

In this official prequel to the first Oure game, you must take flight as the architect of the tower. A dragon, soaring through the skies, as you race against time to collect enough energy to activate the powerful machine that can help the people trapped beneath the clouds.

Take care to avoid the sky creatures who want to steal your energy and stop the storms that could destroy your work in this blisteringly-fast 50fps parallax scroller for your ZX Spectrum 48k!

About Oure: Dawn of Hope...

A retro title built for the ZX Spectrum 48K, the game was created to help fund a Crash Annual for retro fans. The game gave us an interesting opportunity to observe a successful Kickstarter at work, and a great way to share some of the extensive lore and history that we created to make the world of Oure such a rich purposeful world. The player responses to the unusual game that we built was fantastic. Further details including a full development diary of how the game was made can be found in the annual here.

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