An ancient world threatened, the people's only hope is unbinding Neadeital from its chains...

Prepare for a quest that will test your resourcefulness as you're drawn into a fantastical land in this beautiful yet challenging action-adventure game.

Unravel this mysterious world, paying attention to every detail to solve the puzzles and unlock primal magic. It's the only way to unleash Neadeital on your ZX Spectrum 48K or 128K!

About Neadeital...

A retro title built for the ZX Spectrum 48K and 128K, the game was very much inspired by an early forgotten branch in the evolution of adventure games. Once again created to support a Kickstarter we produced something very special, earning a coveted Crash Smash and nominations for several retro awards. All the monies from the sales of the game are given to a charity helping people suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, and the retro community has been incredibly generous in helping the betterment of sufferers' lives.

The full development diary of how the game was made can be found in the annual here, but more importantly you can buy a digital copy of this award winning game here and help the wonderful Motor Neurone Disease Association charity!

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