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Heavy Spectrum Limited, Registered Office: 1 Park Road, England, KT1 4AS, Company Number: 07875186
Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs is a small independent developer built around a tight team of industry professionals with a track record of delivering high production value, multi-million selling products. The company aims to generate content for sectors where its ability to provide quality and innovation can produce leading edge results.  Established in 2011, the studio is focussed on the interactive entertainment market. With our skilled group capable of delivering home console, mobile, and web-based experiences, it is an area in which we have the capacity to excel.  If you would like further information about Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs, please contact us.
About Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs
For enquiries about how our team may be able to work with you please contact us.
The core team at Heavy Spectrum comes from a background of successful triple-A console and PC development for major video game publishers.  With a track record that includes holding leadership positions on some of the biggest titles in the video game entertainment space, working with original IP, new IP creation and handling some of the largest licensed properties in the world; the team’s history and experience is a major asset to its future.  A selected list of properties that the team has worked on include:  Need For Speed, Star Fox, Battlefield, Harry Potter, Formula 1, SimCity, The Sims, Dungeon Keeper.
The Team at Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs
To enquire about any of these roles, please contact us with a CV and relevant portfolios.
Opportunities at Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs
The ambition of our current projects means that we are looking for exceptional individuals who could join our intentionally small, tightly-knit team. Art - We are currently looking for a candidate for a key artwork role on our main project. This is an opportunity for a flexible and self-motivated artist to become part of our team, building a unique, creative world and characters. Code - We have an opening for a programmer with an appreciation of the semantics of gameplay and how to how to drive player experiences from code. The successful candidate will become an integral part of our engineering team, shaping both game and technology.
Bullion Blitz™
© 2011-14, Heavy Spectrum Limited. All rights reserved.
Shadow of the Beast™
Shadow of the Beast™ is our latest project, announced at Gamescom in Cologne in 2013. Working with Sony Computer Entertainment, XDEV Studio Europe, we are passionate about providing a new Shadow of the Beast™ experience to inspire a generation of PlayStation®4™ players just as the original game inspired us. If you are over 18 years of age and would like to see the announcement trailer that was shown at Gamescom you can find it here. If you would like to get a little more information about the game, our entry on the Official PlayStation®Blog can be found hereEndFragment. We hope to be able to share more about the project soon.
Our second title, Puzziball™, aims to reproduce the tactile feel of the ever-popular sliding puzzle toy, whilst adding elements that could only be realised in a videogame. The result is an accessible brain twister that takes this simple concept to fiendish lengths!  Puzziball™ is published on PlayStation® Mobile by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. More information can be found here.
Our first title, Bullion Blitz™, sets you the challenge of merging and trading gold ingots to accumulate cash! Originating from the simple idea of making tapping the screen fun, adding layers of puzzles and quests has resulted in a game with compelling gameplay and remarkable depth.  Bullion Blitz™ is published on PlayStation® Mobile by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. More information can be found here.